Do you believe there is some place that will make the soul less thirsty?...
Be strong then, And enter into your own body;
There you have a solid place for your feet.


In a healthy and holistic life, our mind, body, and spirit sit in equal balance. In the hectic pace of modern day life, we live mostly in our mind, denying the sacredness of our body and the wisdom stored within. We are constantly searching for external answers to our big questions, for external sources of bliss. I believe that true bliss is found inside ourselves. There is an endless source of joy within each and everyone of us, an endless universe to journey in. The body is a storehouse of knowledge, if only we can be quiet enough to listen.

In this culture, we are generally kept ignorant of our bodies' capacity for pleasure and how best to expand it. We are taught to fear things that feel good to our bodies. We are taught that our bodies are separate entities from our minds which are separate entities from our spirits. Living our life according to these rules stifles us, takes the color and juice from our lives, sucks our creativity and vitality. Instead of living, we merely exist.

I help you hear the body's knowledge & re/connect to your erotic power. I help you re/discover your inner joy & manifest it in all aspects of your life.

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Take some time and explore the site. Hopefully it does a great job of explaining my philosophy, the different ways I can be of service to your erotic development. Hopefully you'll find that what I've written resonates with something within you, letting you know that you've come to the right place. When that happens, don't hesitate to contact me. So that together, we can figure out the next steps.


“At a time when my back was in such intense pain that I could only lay on my side, I received a long and luxurious massage from Mkali-Hashiki. It included sound healing as well as hands on care. She clearly engaged her intuition in determining sound, touch, pressure and release. It was very comforting and, much to my surprise, I felt so much better the next day. I am looking forward to this work as an integral part of my recovery.”
~Luisah Teish: Author, Performer, Ritualist, Priest