The River & The Riverbank: And Ode to the Femme/Butch Dance

The Becoming: Integrating Trauma

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~Rumi. I’m a burn survivor. It will be 39 years this summer. I survived, when others did not. I survived, when the other survivor did not. Trauma is what happens to a body & mind that survives. Trauma changes us, literally changes our brains: a […]

How The Body Holds Grief: Part 1

I had a reiki session the other day with a practitioner that I’d never met before & who knew nothing about me other than what I told her. As part of the intake she asked me about my injuries & concerns. I related to her that my primary physical issue was in my left hip. […]

The Beat of My Pulse

In the immediate aftermath of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in which 49 Latinx & Black folk lost their lives and another 53 were injured, I had no words to convey my heartbreak and rage. I had no words to convey the rawness of these energetic wounds that I and other QTIPOC are feeling.  I still […]

The Wounded Healer

CW: ableist language. I’m a Burn Survivor. This summer, I will try to celebrate the fact that I survived 39 years after a car accident that changed my life (half of the car’s occupants died that night, one died 24 years later; while her death certificate says “colon cancer” the actual COD was “Survivor’s Guilt”). And yet I’m really at […]

Your Body: The Tardis & Inner Space

So I was forewarned that my lack of knowledge about the Tardis would get me in trouble with Whovians. I’m begging y’all upfront to show some mercy, cuz I’m just a Blerd¹ wannabe. All I know about the Tardis is that it is much bigger on the inside than it appears to be from the outside […]

Why I Center QTIPOC In My Practice

There are many reasons why I professionally prioritize the erotic wellbeing of QTIPOC: I want to serve my peeps. As a Queer Black Woman, I feel a kinship with other Queer, Trans, or Intersexed People of Color as we inhabit similar multiple marginalized categories in society. We have more marginalized identities than Straight People of Color or Queer White folx & those […]

What is an ally?

The people that I prioritize in my personal & professional lives are QTIPOC (Queer/Trans/Intersexed People of Color) & their allies. I state explicitly that The Enstatic Body™ services are for “QTIPOC & allied folk”.  So just who are “allied folk”? When I think of “ally” I’m primarily thinking of straight POC and White QTI, but white cishet¹ […]

Eros & Social Justice

Once Upon A Time, In A Galaxy Far Far Away; I was a professional social justice organizer. While I remember the joy of a successful action, of building lasting relationships, of being a part of a movement; I also remember the rage, frustration, & bewilderment. The rage that I lived in a country that not only discounted […]

The Role of The Lover In Erotic Healing

In my personal life, I publicly refer to people I’m romantically involved with as “my lover”. The word “partner” feels too dull, the label “girlfriend”¹  feels too juvenile. But “lover” seems to reek of sex, and I want to make people to think about lesbians having sex. Lesbians have been de-sexed in the mainstream imagination, despite all the lady-centric queer porn […]