What Is A Sacred Intimate? What Is Sacred Intimacy?

I have been struggling with this question since at least 2005, and even more so in the last nine months as I underwent a training titled “Sacred Intimacy Through A Tantric Lens”.  I just finished the last in-person module in June. I think it’s a very complicated definition, which is both the strength & the […]

What is Erotic Healing?

The following is an excerpt of a talk I gave as part of a panel presentation: “Qweers & Erotic Healing“, given at the 2005 Creating Change™ conference. I see erotic healing as re/education in acknowledging & celebrating the flesh—all of the body—as sacred. We are spiritual beings, manifestations of Divine energy. The body and what […]

The Sensual, The Sexual, The Erotic

So what do we mean by “erotic”? Isn’t that the same as sexual, the same as sensual? In this culture, we often use these three terms interchangeably.  Or we use “erotic” as a euphemism for “sexual”. I  propose that the three terms are related, but not at all interchangeable.  I think we do a disservice […]

What is an Enstatic Body?

An Enstatic Body is one that is authentically inhabited, one in which joy, bliss, even rapture is easily accessed. One in which the spirit & the flesh are deeply connected. Mind, body, & spirit existing in proper equal balance. “Ok, but what exactly is enstatic? I’ve never heard that word before.” Let’s start off with […]


Welcome to my little thought blurb on the net. I will be posting thoughts about “The Enstatic Body”: how to have one, how to keep one, and how to have fun inhabiting one!  I will also post older essays (by me) that I feel may still be pertinent.   And of course keep you up-to-date on […]